Boss Jewels Location

Below are displayed all players who have Boss Jewels.
This ranking was updated in 28/03/2020 at 17:36.

Item Name Player Name Clan
Ring of Queen Ant (2) Loyalty Sacrifice
Earring of Zaken (1) 9OOO Barbarians
Earring of Zaken (1) Anael -
Earring of Zaken (1) Babidi HighSociety
Earring of Antharas (1) Babidi HighSociety
Ring of Queen Ant (1) Babidi HighSociety
Ring of Baium (1) Babidi HighSociety
Necklace of Frintezza (1) Celestine -
Earring of Zaken (1) Danko -
Necklace of Frintezza (1) Denied theavengers
Ring of Queen Ant (1) Dmzn -
Ring of Queen Ant (1) F theavengers
Necklace of Frintezza (1) Fab theavengers
Earring of Zaken (1) High HighSociety
Earring of Orfen (1) ISpitOnYourGrave HighSociety
Necklace of Frintezza (1) ISpitOnYourGrave HighSociety
Ring of Queen Ant (1) Just4Respect -
Ring of Baium (1) Just4Respect -
Earring of Orfen (1) Kurwa FavelaViive
Necklace of Frintezza (1) lHERO theavengers
Necklace of Frintezza (1) Loveli -
Necklace of Valakas (1) Loyalty Sacrifice
Necklace of Frintezza (1) MC1Trooper HighSociety
Earring of Orfen (1) PaNa Sacrifice
Ring of Baium (1) PCCxD -
Earring of Zaken (1) PsycHedelic FavelaViive
Earring of Zaken (1) RampageJackson -
Ring of Queen Ant (1) Reverse HighSociety
Ring of Baium (1) Reverse HighSociety
Necklace of Valakas (1) Rip2K theavengers
Earring of Zaken (1) Satoru HighSociety
Earring of Zaken (1) SkypherS -
Earring of Zaken (1) SrPoersch theavengers
Earring of Orfen (1) SrPoersch theavengers
Necklace of Frintezza (1) Stormfang HighSociety
Ring of Queen Ant (1) VeryGOOD HighSociety
Ring of Baium (1) VeryGOOD HighSociety
Necklace of Frintezza (1) veysheLL HighSociety
Ring of Queen Ant (1) WinRAR theavengers
Earring of Antharas (1) wMd -
Earring of Zaken (1) wMd -
Ring of Queen Ant (1) wMd -
Necklace of Frintezza (1) wMd -
Necklace of Frintezza (1) ZelenayaHyeta znk
Earring of Antharas (1) ZENNITH theavengers
Earring of Zaken (1) ZENNITH theavengers
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