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  1. wts

    wts antharas qa tezza2x db+10 am+9 am+8 am+7 etc.
  2. Manifesto @Gangland 63 vs 120 VOL 2

    2 different clan , one with black tag the other one with green tag turns into all green in a sec after tp toi 13 lol.
  3. Server situation

    Its not becoming true , when you say it 1m times in different topics.. Whole server know how you jerk off each other to outnumber gangland since the begining. Ppl are not stupid , please stop lying.
  4. Zerging is fun?!

  5. veyshell manipesto kebabs selfao

  6. Hot Springs Buffs

    One of the biggest fun of this server is pre pvp at hs before epics.Live with it or go back to your shitty java server and kill 1 pt brs , take fraps and do it again again and again. i ll be waiting you guys in hs..
  7. Manifesto Territory

    That is his cp he keep proud of winning 35483243 9 vs 9 we actually keep laughing , but your unusual IQ cant handle that cos the onliest reason its existing in topic is bark for his master. Open your mind , stop being funny and gtfo of here. My regards.
  8. Titán start whit frenzy olys

    nice interface.. better delete this topic cos you have 0 knowledge about olympiad..
  9. Skins na oly

    if its gonna be same as obt pls remove skin effects from oly. It makes no sense.
  10. VIP

    excuses , excuses... cry me a river..
  11. SGC

    Can't move on this lol. :):):):):):)
  12. #NovaStyle SIDE

    at least they have a clan my friend peace..
  13. Server situation

    You are toxicated and doomed too like the zerg clans you mentioned.. Here is the question , why the hell all small cps and clans leaving server after zergs done their shit since they have nothing to do with them.. L2 is not like 10 years before , your nickname , your fame doesn't mean anything , you are strong as your group is. If you wanna be king with 9 ppl party , im sorry go f yourself Or be like all other ppl join a side and have fun.
  14. Manifesto Territory

    Cant wait , hope some facebook keyboard heroes have ballz to face off.