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  1. [Official Topic] Epics Time

    Next excuse ?
  2. horario

    Fckin macacos cryin bout boss respawn time, u gotta be kiddin me
  3. SGC

    we've never left a sv coz of donations nor coz we lost a fight lol dafuq u on about u scronny fuck
  4. SGC

    Motherfcker get real, this is a 2day server lol
  5. SGC

    atm ? I guess u could say that, ye but it's like sayin u won a gold medal on the special olympics, gj u won, but u still a retard
  6. SGC

    w/e makes u sleep at night son
  7. SGC

    A few years ago I'd engage and put u in ur place, but I cba to argue with u anymore, I just don't care lol tF was top 2 clan in mid rate interlude community back when a community actually existed, only rival was qb, won some lost some. u a nobody .

    a tua prima
  9. SGC

    Can't w8 for the wall of text u finna post, that i'll just ignore and keep makin fun of u
  10. SGC

    Look up the definition of delusional coz I cba
  11. SGC

    How many times have I beat u so far ? 🤣🤣 Mb coz my co/clan doesn't play ? dat otta be it . Gj ur on top of a dead game with a bunch mexicans for player base. Shiiii Yet, every server we join u lose, why ?
  12. toyFactory

    Nobody cares enough about u to the point of making an acc with ur name u turd Yesus hreist

    Tudo macaco
  14. SGC

    Still forgetting to buff noble ?
  15. SGC

    Sarcasm: the use of remarks that clearly mean the opposite of what they say, made in order to hurt someone's feelings or to criticize something in a humorous way